The term “No Quarter Given” is equivalent to the term “Take No Prisoners”.  In terms of Mental Health it means that no mercy is given to the illness that you are facing, that in no means, will you ever accept the possibility of letting the issues you face rule your life.
It is a promise that no matter how hard it may seem, you will never give quarter to the option of using suicide as a way out.  That you will persevere and overcome your adversity.


Mad Hatter Industries is not your average apparel company.  The apparel is a bonus and a great way to spread the idea behind creating a community that supports each other and has their brother or sisters back at a time of need.

It is also about inspiring and motivating each other to overcome whatever adversity you face. Whether it be anxiety from stepping out the door or worrying about flashbacks from your first or last tour facing you when you run into crisis.

It is everything above and more but most importantly, it is a promise to yourself that you will take No Quarter with the struggles that you are dealing with.

You will not accept having them rule your life and therefore will take no prisoner or terms with your issue to allow it to dictate what you can or cannot do.

You are the Master and Commander of your life and we are here to assist by steering you in the right direction. If you are stuck in a rocky spot or have been set adrift, we will right your sail and put you on the proper course to recovery and success.

It starts with you and it ends with you. Everything you do going forward is your choice to make. But we are here to help.

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