Our Story

Why we started Mad Hatter Industries

My name is Corey Hatt and I started Mad Hatter Industries in 2019. The idea came from the loss of another brother in arms due to suicide. It was what one of my old Sergeants said that really hit home to me. That using suicide as an option out was a permanent fix to a temporary problem. I have never forgotten those words and it has armed me with the resolve to push forward with doing what I could to make a difference.

My personal mission is to raise mental health awareness and prevent any more suicides from happening in our communities. Mental health impacts us all, not just the person affected by it. Whatever issues people are dealing with, I want them to always know that they aren't alone. There is a community here that will always support you. 

Why the name? 

Mad Hatter was a name that evolved from my first tour in Afghanistan. It was a term of endearment to one of my favorite jobs, the Machine Gunner. A machine gunner is responsible for the tactical employment of the 7.62 mm general purpose machine gun by providing direct fire in support of the platoon.

The Mad Hatter Industries logo is meant to be something that you can place your confidence and trust in - that it won’t let you down and will always watch your back (or your six). I am, and we are here from the lowest depths to the light that drives and motivates us to do what we do.

Canadian machine gunner Afghanistan