Honey Badger Podcast

Honey Badger Podcast

I want to thank my Brother over at @honeybadgeralliance for the opportunity to chat with him on our experiences and share a few tips about how we’ve been conquering our mind and body in this pandemic. 

If you haven’t yet checked out the Honey Badger, I highly encourage you do as well as give him a like and follow while your at it!

The episode for this podcast can be found at https://anchor.fm/honey-badger-alliance/episodes/Trial-and-Triumph---Episode-12--Corey-Hatt-eeus6t


Here’s a synopsis: Corey Hatt is truly an amazing individual to listen to. He was deployed overseas to Afghanistan in support of Op Medusa which was during the height of the conflict period over there. Whether it's improving personal life, or leadership attributes, Corey has dropped quite a bit of useful, actionable suggestions here to help make life better. These are all tools and tactics learned from baring down, staring adversity straight in the face and tackling it head on.
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