September Update!

September Update!

Hello Everyone,

The leaves are beginning to change colour, indicating the start of Autumn, a season of abundance and harvest. So, we thought it was a perfect time to share the plenty of updates and news we have at Mad Hatter Industries.

September features FIVE fantastic events/ initiatives that Mad Hatter Industries are delighted to be collaborating on. The collaborations are The Kris Barclay Virtual Ruck For Remembrance, the Canadian Walk for Veterans, the Veterans and Everyday Heroes Initiative (On-going), the Concert for Kids Charity (with the support of our MC Charter the Palehorsemen), and the Calendar Club Challenge (+1KM a day for Suicide Prevention and Mental Health Awareness). Mad Hatter Industries is proud to support these initiatives! 

Kris Barclay's Ruck March- Sat-Sept-19

The Canadian Virtual Walk for Veterans - Sat- Sept- 26

The Veterans and Everyday Heroes Initiative- Ongoing

The Concert For Kids Charity Sat- Sept-26

Calendar Club Challenge - September 1-30

 The recently announced Calendar Club Challenge is a fundraiser for the Distress Center Durham. The month-long event is in collaboration with Alannah Wakefield of Nutrition Kitchen Bowmanville and two friends from our running club. Participants in the Calendar Club Challenge walk/run the number of kilometres that corresponds to the date. For example, on 10 September, participants walk/run 10 km through to the 30th of September where we will be completing 30km's!

Mad Hatter Industries is continually growing and developing. We are in the stages of expanding our website content and newsletter. To go with this development, Mad Hatter Industries has brought Sydney Weaver on board.

We are looking forward to her ideas and working with her.

 In closing, as always, we are always looking for feedback from our followers on what sort of collaborations or designs you would like to see as well as new products. We have 3 new designs coming out this fall which we are looking forward to sharing with you when they are ready!

 For more information on the collaborations mentioned here and much more, visit us on Instagram at @madhatterindustries.

List of Current Collaborations- Event Date 

  • The Kris Barclay Virtual Ruck For Remembrance- 19 September
  • The Canadian Walk for Veterans- 26 September
  • the Veterans and Everyday Heroes Initiative- Ongoing
  • The Concert for Kids- 26 September
  • The Calendar Club Challenge- ALL September


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