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Shadow Gear Tactical

3 Point Assault Sling

3 Point Assault Sling

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The Shadow Elite 3 Point Assault Sling. The length can be shortened for normal weapons carry when not in a tactical posture. It is fully adjustable so as not cause obstruction when entering into a Marine Corps marksmanship firing position.These 3 point tactical assault slings are constructed with crocodile snap hook and 1 in. wide, 6.5 ft.

Mil-Spec Nylon webbing material. These slings feature Nylon YKK® branded plastic hardware for silent operation, a 'quick release' system for rapid separation from the operator and  a double cross-boxed stitch pattern to attach the tactical sling hardware to the webbing.

A tactical sling positions a long gun horizontally or diagonally across the front of the body. The 3 point design allows you to carry your weapon 'hands-free' taking weight off both your hands while still keeping the weapon quickly accessible. This facilitates quick weapon transitions between handgun and rifle. A tactical sling also makes simple tasks like reading maps and opening doors easier while maintaining control and accessibility of your weapon.

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